• Proposals seek to: Mitigate the potential risk to great crested newts (GCN) and reptiles by carrying out a translocation exercise prior to any significant ground disturbance; Retain high value habitats for GCN on-site by way of relaxed management of the semi-improved grassland established on-site and any newly established habitats; Enhance the habitats of GCN off-site by the creation of log piles/mounds to provide hibernacula in which they can shelter
  • Where possible, hedgerow features are retained, including a continuous hedgerow at the western boundary of the site to Farnham Park. This retains habitat connectivity for species such as foraging and commuting bats utilising the site. Loss of the central hedgerow is compensated for by replacing native tree and hedgerow planting, maintaining connectivity across the centre of the site in the medium to long term. Ecological connectivity for hedgehogs and other small mammals will also be maintained by ensuring any fencing installed maintains appropriate dimensions at ground level to allow access and egress.
  • It is proposed to enhance the site for foraging and commuting bats, of which a low number of common species are known to be present, through the creation of new native hedgerows at the eastern and southern extents of the site, with the site remaining almost entirely unlit in its operational phase to ensure the presence of dark areas in which bats can forage
  • Proposals represent a contribution to biodiversity net gain through the creation of and management of grassland habitats. Owing to the landscape-led nature of the development, and the low impact of the proposals overall, no impacts to sites protected for their nature conservation interest are likely to occur.